imagining an urban fairy tale

I love fairy tales, magic, enchanted forests and a tale well told.

Sometimes when I’m working out in the gym, I like to imagine what role people would play in my favorite fantasy novel.  Some are busy innkeepers; others brave warriors, melodious bards, hard working milkmaids, ruthless kings and scheming sorceresses.

Maybe its because I love imagination and the telling of tales. Maybe its because I love the TV show “Once Upon A Time”.

It reminds me of my sister’s kids at play, when a bed would become a ship, tossed about the stormy waves on the high seas. Or a chair would become a sports car hugging a steep curve as it roars down an alpine road.

In the spirit of childhood imagination & play, in the spirit of seeing enchantment in the everyday, if I were to imagine a fairy tale, this is what I might see:

………………………..imagining an urban fairy tale………………………………………….

the magic took root across the land

taking root

taking root blog photo

as the lone sentry stood watch upon the castle tower


sentinel 2

watching the storm clouds pass by as the night drew near

storm clouds

passing clouds

unaware of the archer, the arrow smith, who stalked him, watching, waiting,

arrow smith


unaware of the gathering of elves, hanging up their hats, preparing themselves for the fight

elf hats

elf hat

unaware of the tree spirits wakening, peering out of the trunks, waiting for the sign

dryad, tree spirit

dryad many tree spirits

unaware of the ghostly presences solidifying, taking shape, readying for action



unaware of those held captive, restless and rustling in the deep dark dungeon,

soon to be freed



unaware of the magical forces gathering

the sentry gazed up and up and up

into the peace of the starry, starry night’s sky

starry, starry night

starry starry night

standing on the castle wall

unaware of the magical forces banding together to attack the castle

in the early morning light

to take back the kingdom from the oppressive rule of the evil king

at the breaking of dawn.


had he known of the plan

the sentry might have joined them too….

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1 Response to imagining an urban fairy tale

  1. ralica8518 says:

    Beautiful pictures! Very unique 🙂

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